Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long Time, No Post

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all my faithful readers who check my blog frequently, despite the fact that I haven't posted in almost two months. I wish I could send you all flowers, but since I can't afford to do that, I'll just post some here for you instead.

I have no very good explanation for my absence. I wasn't terribly faithful about working out in July, and the emotional roller coaster that was the month of August only dragged down my motivation even more. And just when everything was straightening out again, and I was hoping to get back on track, I got the tragic news that all group fitness classes at my gym were canceled! So I'm stuck in workout limbo.

Despite the fact that I swore I wouldn't go back, I met Karrie at the gym Tuesday evening, where we did about a half an hour of cardio (on the new bikes and elliptical machines, which, nice as they are, are not worth the loss of my beloved BodyPump). Then we spent about a half hour in the weight room. I feel like such an idiot trying to use those machines and I'm always afraid I'm doing something wrong. And the thing that I hate the most about the women's weight room are the mirrors. Most of the time you're staring at yourself in the mirror just inches away, and I always see only my worst flaws when I'm in a situation in which I feel insecure. It was different in BodyPump, where I was also surrounded my mirrors, though, I think because I felt more confident and I was part of a group.

I guess I have been waiting for something interesting to post about. I've been working on a few projects that I hoped would spur me to post when I finished them, but they seem to be dragging on interminably. I have nothing new to report on the job front. I've picked about three dozen tomatoes from my garden so far, and have experimented with making my own tomato sauces. The cooler weather last week made me itch to cast on for the fall sweaters I have planned, but I'm being good and finishing up the projects I have going right now before I start anything new.

Well, that's just a brief update on things. Hopefully I'll be getting back into a regular workout routine again and I'll start posting more frequently.