Friday, January 16, 2009


For the past two days, I've really slacked on my diet. I was doing so well early this week, and I was just starting to feel like it was working. But then Thursday was payday, so I treated myself at lunchtime to Raising Cane's chicken fingers. I was planning to eat light at dinner, but then Lisa wanted to go out to dinner, and even though it was my turn to pick where we eat, she vetoed my "lighter" choice (Subway) and we settled on Wendy's. I tried to stick to a lighter dinner at Wendy's (well, lighter than what I normally eat there anyway), but things happened that were beyond my control (willpower). They were really short staffed at Wendy's, and obviously stressed about it, even though we were practically the only customers. We had to wait probably twenty minutes for our food, and then when it did arrive, there was somehow an extra patty on my burger. I didn't want to complain and stress out the staff even more, so I just ate it. And for our patience, the manager offered us a free dessert. How could I say no to the chocolate chip cookie dough Frostee?

And today, I just couldn't get back on track either. Although I did better than yesterday.

I haven't been too good about exercising this week either. The bitter cold has kept me from walking to work, and I missed Body Pump Wednesday night because of an upset stomach. I realized that I really miss ellipticizing, either at home or at the gym. So this weekend, I'm going to pick up where I left off on my diet, and do something active. At least the weather is supposed to be nicer, so maybe I'll go for a long walk.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jelly Legs

I went up on my squats tonight in Body Pump, at Marika's insistence encouragement. Whenever I go up on my squats I get jelly legs for several weeks. And since squats are only the second track, it makes me kind of unsteady for the rest of the class.

Anyway. It being a new year and all, I figured I should list my weights again. I did some looking and realized that I haven't actually listed my weights since way back in March! I'm sad to say that things haven't improved that much. I know I was doing higher weights right before Gold's canceled their classes and I stopped going regularly. I can't believe how quickly I lost that and how tough it is to get it back.

Warm up: medium & small
Squats: large & small
Chest: medium
Back: medium & small
Triceps: medium
Biceps: medium
Shoulders: small

Since we changed gyms, the weights are slightly different (kg vs. lb). I'm still doing pretty much the same weight for everything that I was doing nine months ago. I really need to challenge myself. So my new goal is to stick with my new squats weight, and go up on the chest track. Then once I get used to the new squats weight (once my knees stop shaking so badly at least), I'll go up on the biceps too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sad, Very Sad

It's been so long since I worked out on my elliptical machine at home, that it now has stuff growing on it!

It makes a nice plant stand too!

At least I haven't been totally inactive. I've started going to classes at the gym again, and have made it my goal to make it to Body Pump twice a week. And I'm walking to work whenever I can, which works out to about two miles a day, three days a week.

I'm still in the process of unpacking and rearranging, so as soon as I can figure out a better place to put the plant, I'll move it and hopefully start ellipticizing again.