Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Challenge You!

Check this out! It's the Presidential Fitness Test for grown-ups! I remember doing this in school and I always hated it, mostly because I usually came in somewhere near the bottom of the class (and as someone who was used to being near the top of the class, this was very aggrivating for me!). But now I want to try again. I want some way to gauge where I'm at and if I'm improving. I am more motivated when I see results, but since I'm really just aiming for overall cardiovascular health, I have no way to measure that. There are little things I've noticed, like I can go for longer on the stair climber, or I can chase my nephew around for longer without getting completely winded (in fact, last time we played, he wore out before me--ha!). But I want something a little more concrete.

So, who wants to do this with me? We can be timers/recorders for each other and for Karrie some of us, there's the added element of competition. I know I would still come in dead last, but if we did the test every six months or so, it would give us all a record of our improvement. So let's do it!


5k Karrie said...

Yeah, it sounds fun. There appear to be different sort of tests for adults than kids. Where's the shuttle run? And where are we going to get a sit and reach box? That was always my best score. Other than that, I was a Presidential Fitness loser!

deanne said...

Count me out, but on an entirely unrelated note, check out the Tiffany boxes cake on Cake Wrecks!