Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am stuck. I've been at the same weight now for almost four weeks. I didn't think it would be this hard to lose five pounds. The first five melted off in a couple weeks with minimal effort. But now I seem to be just maintaining. I'm going to have to step up my game to get those last few pounds off, but I just don't think I'll be able to do it by June 1st. That's just over a week away, and there's no healthy way to lose that much weight that fast. But I'm determined to reach the goal I set for myself back in March, if not by next week, then by June 15th. And I've set a new plan myself, which includes going to the gym a couple more times a week, in the mornings before work. Anyone want to join me?

I have to mention this: Tuesday evening I ran a whole mile. Four laps around the Northeast High School track without stopping! I couldn't even manage that when I was in high school. I'm ridiculously proud of myself.

I had this afternoon off, and I was very productive. I did several loads of laundry, and even folded it and put it away. And in between that, I sewed. I have a little pillow on my bed that I love, but the pillowcase was getting really pretty shabby, and since it's kind of an odd shape, I can't just go buy a new one. So I made one this afternoon. It turned out pretty well, and was fairly easy. For fabric I cut up the sham pillows that came with my comforter, so the pillowcase matches the rest of my bedding perfectly.

I enjoy sewing, because it takes a lot less time than knitting to get to the finished product. I'm contemplating what to make next. I would love to attempt to make something I could actually wear. There are lots of cute (free) patterns out on the web for fun accessories too, like this Buttercup bag. I already made one for practice, and I see many more in my future.

In other news, my friend Lisa now has a blog! Go check it out, and leave her a comment to encourage her to post more soon!


5k Karrie said...

You should be proud of yourself. You did a great job running. You have really done a good job in the last couple of months eating healthier and working out a lot more. So even if you don't make that weigh-in deadline, keep it up; you're doing so well.

We'll have to run more together. Maybe you will be insipired to become a runner. And I would be interested in going to the gym before work, possibly on Tuesdays or Fridays... This reminds me of a Summer Nights challenge we had last year... hmm that never did pan out!

Either way, great job running, great job losing 5 pounds!

deanne said...

That buttercup bag IS cute, although I don't care for the fabric. If you make me one I would totally buy it from you! It was good to see you tonight, I had lots of fun. Nice to see Karrie too--we should hang out more often!