Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've finished up several knitting projects, and my hands are itching to start something new. I've been debating between three projects, all rather similar in size, but I can't make up my mind which one to start. So I'm going to let you decide for me.

First is the Lucy in the Sky cardigan:

For this I have a nice cotton/acrylic blend in a nice neutral tan color (which I recycled from some Old Navy sweaters I scored on super clearance). It would be a great sweater for work as it would coordinate with just about everything I own.

The second sweater is another cardiagan, the Minimalist:

A simple yet flattering sweater. I love the rolled edges on the front bands and the slight puff on at the cuff of the sleeves. I have a soft blue cotton/acrylic yarn intended for this (also from recycled Old Navy super clearance sweaters).

The third sweater is the Twining Vines sweater:

My sweater wouldn't look exactly like this; I am not adding the sparkly things, for one. I'm hoping my sweater will look more like this one. Now I have actually already have this sweater in progress (I've got about six inches done), but issues with the sizing have caused me to put it down for a while. I don't have the actual pattern, so I'm having to make up my own, and due to some mismeasuring and miscalculating (not to mention laziness and denial--I believe the term is "optimistic knitting"), the sweater is current about four sizes too big. I'm using a very pretty pale green cotton yarn.

So those are the choices. Vote now and vote often! I'll close the polling the next time I blog, which could be tomorrow, or could be next month, you never know. I've got a small gift project to work on, which should keep me busy for a short time.

Thanks for your help!


deanne said...

I don't know, they are all really neat. I voted for the first one though. Hmmm, it's a tough decision!

5k Karrie said...

I too voted for the first one. I understand the beauty of having a sweater to wear at work every day... it's down right cold here!

5k Karrie said...

I tried to vote twice, cause I felt bad for the twining vines sweater... but each computer can only vote once. Looks like I'll have to sign up in the lab!