Friday, October 10, 2008

"I Don't Believe You!"

Years ago, my senior year of high school to be exact, my friends used to recite this commercial, over and over, to each other. Somehow I'd missed seeing the commercial itself, but I became very familiar with the bit. And I shared the joke with my family, and we repeated it so often on our trip to California and back that it was banned in the house for a while. But we can laugh about it again now. It goes something like this:

Me: I don't believe you.

You: Well, who would you believe?

Me: Oh, I don't know... maybe... Robert Loggia!

All together: Whoa, Robert Loggia!

I've searched for the commercial a few times but to no avail. But thanks to the miracle of YouTube, I can finally share the commercial with you. Enjoy!


deanne said...

I don't remember that commercial. But it made me think of this from Family Guy--

Peter: Ah man, I hate kids birthday parities. This is going to be worst then that time I was stuck behind Robert Loggia at the airport
Airport Employee: May I have your name please?
Robert Loggia: Robert Loggia
Airport Employee: Can you spell that for me?
Robert Loggia: Certainly, that’s Robert Loggia…
R as in Robert Loggia
O as in oh my God! It's Robert Loggia
B as in By god that’s Robert Loggia
E as in everyone loves Robert Loggia
R as in Robert Loggia
T as in Tim look over there it's Robert Loggia
L as in look it’s Robert Loggia
Peter: (sighs)

I guess maybe it's not as funny in print as it is to actually see it but I don't know how to embed YouTube, if I can even find it.

Erin said...

I think I somehow missed a huge Robert Loggia craze. There was this commercial, and one day, my freshman year of college, I walked into the spo and there was this poster on the wall that said, "Hi, I'm Robert Loggia and I want you to write for the MacWeekly" (or something like that). And now you tell me about the commercial. What did Robert Loggia do that was so special? I've really only ever seen him in supporting roles in movies, he's never the big star. So what's the big deal?

It is funny though.

5k Karrie said...

I missed the craze too. I still don't know who he is... but maybe that makes it funnier!

Which sweater did you choose?