Monday, January 12, 2009

Jelly Legs

I went up on my squats tonight in Body Pump, at Marika's insistence encouragement. Whenever I go up on my squats I get jelly legs for several weeks. And since squats are only the second track, it makes me kind of unsteady for the rest of the class.

Anyway. It being a new year and all, I figured I should list my weights again. I did some looking and realized that I haven't actually listed my weights since way back in March! I'm sad to say that things haven't improved that much. I know I was doing higher weights right before Gold's canceled their classes and I stopped going regularly. I can't believe how quickly I lost that and how tough it is to get it back.

Warm up: medium & small
Squats: large & small
Chest: medium
Back: medium & small
Triceps: medium
Biceps: medium
Shoulders: small

Since we changed gyms, the weights are slightly different (kg vs. lb). I'm still doing pretty much the same weight for everything that I was doing nine months ago. I really need to challenge myself. So my new goal is to stick with my new squats weight, and go up on the chest track. Then once I get used to the new squats weight (once my knees stop shaking so badly at least), I'll go up on the biceps too.


kari anne said...

At least they just feel like jelly. You'd be in big trouble if they felt like peanut butter and jelly! Good for you going to the gym... all in good time you'll be going up again in weights. Just keep up the good work!!

Karrie said...

Good work challenging yourself! I am trying to work harder on weights too. I let myself go easy since I am so tired from Kickboxing. But that has to end. I need to remember why I am at the gym: to get buff! Good luck increasing your bicep weight, I think that's the hardest one of all to go up on.

Karrie said...

Are you going to be able to keep up with your posting if you're working 10 more hours per week? And how about your workouts? Can't let them fall down the priority list.