Monday, June 9, 2008

Wish You Were Here

My vacation is going at just the right pace. I'm catching up on sleep, doing lots of knitting, and just generally relaxing. And I've been doing some normal vacation things too.

Today Kari and I ventured into Oregon and visited the McNary Dam. It was pretty cool.

There was a fish viewing room, where you supposedly could see salmon and other fish as they traveled on their way to the sea. But the water was so green and murky that all I could see was a couple of sucker fish that were right up against the viewing windows. There was a larger visitors center that had more information about salmon than I ever really wanted to know. They have a salmon holding/transportation station there to help the juvenile fish get out to the sea. They separate the smaller fish and hold them in a big holding tank for a while, then load them up on a barge and take them downriver.

There were some beautiful rhododendrons in the park next to the visitors center. Rhododendrons are the state flower of Washington.

After a birthday celebration at Kari's grandma's house, Kari, Dave, and I went to the Court Club to hang out in the hot tub for a while. I managed to do a few laps in the pool--that is quite a workout! Tomorrow morning Kari and I plan to go back to Group Power and then stick around for a good cardio workout. I'll let you know how it goes.

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