Friday, June 6, 2008

You're Not Gonna Believe This!

I can hardly believe it myself. I am on vacation!

But that's not really the unbelievable part. I am going to the gym while on vacation! That's right, I actually got up and went to the gym this morning, instead of sleeping in. In fact, I was excited to go to the gym! My friend Kari just joined the Tri-City Court Club and they have a new class called Group Power, which is a close cousin to BodyPump. So I dragged Kari there this morning, and we tried it out. The class followed the same format as BodyPump and did a lot of the same exercises, but had different music and combined the exericises in a slightly different way. For example, we did clean and presses really slowly, and followed each one with five rows. I liked the abs track we did, though it was really challenging. We did real reverse cruches, sitting up with knees bent in front of us, and then leaning about halfway back and then coming up to the top again. Sometimes we would lean back and then twist to one side. It was tough!

After Group Power, Kari and I did about ten minutes on the stationary bikes. I've never used the bikes at home, but I don't think they're probably as cool as these were. They have a video screen attached, and you can choose different courses, and you race other people on the screen. The handlebars even swivel! It's just like one of those car race video games at the mall. You can even log in to record your time and distance. It was really neat!

I hope that I'll be able to make it back to the gym a couple times this week. There were a couple other exercise machines that I wanted to try, and they also have a really nice pool. I know that I won't be making many smart food choices this week, so working out can help balance that out, maybe.

Well, I'm off to shower and figure out what we're going to do today. I think we might be sewing with Kari's grandma. We also talked about driving down to Oregon just for the fun of it. Did you know that you can't pump your own gas in Oregon? I've never seen that, so we might do that. Plus, there's no sales tax on clothes in Oregon, so maybe we can do some shopping!


5k Karrie said...

I don't know why I even checked your blog, since you are on vacation and you don't even post anymore when you are here. But I did, and boy was I happily surprised! Way to go working out. And going to the gym early on your time off. My friend Amy takes the Group Power class in Atlanta. It's probably really good for your body to switch things up. And those bikes sound way cooler than ours. Why do other gyms always have neater stuff? Keep up the good work, and make sure to relax some. Not too much gas pumping!!!

deanne said...

I'm glad you are having fun--take lots of pictures!! And why can't you pump your own gas up there? How strange.

Jennifer said...

Other gyms probably have cooler stuff because we try to pay the least amount of money for our membership. I know plenty of gyms in Lincoln with pools and such, but they cost like 3 times as much or more! I have never heard of a bike like that though. I want to try one - I'm usually so bored on the bike, I think that would help. Hey, it would probably help the treadmill too.

Have a good rest of your vacation!