Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Go...

Well, I still haven't gotten back on the exercise horse. Now that I've emerged from the flu-induced haze, I realized yesterday how messy my house had gotten in the past week. So I spent much of the day cleaning: I swept the kitchen, washed the dishes, did some laundry, wiped off the dining room table, sorted the mail, and picked up toys. I figured that was enough for one day and I went to bed at 9 o'clock.

Tonight after work I'm definitely getting on that elliptical machine! Fifteen minutes or bust. Karrie, if I don't do it, I owe you dinner!


My three-year-old nephew, N, loves YouTube. He and his grandpa (my dad) watch educational clips about snakes and music videos from unsual musicians. One day my dad came across a clip of a comical music group from Denmark, and N just loved it. They've watched it so many times he can sing along, in Danish! He laughs when they laugh, like he understands the joke. Maybe he does.

Anyway. My mom took this clip of him singing along with the video. There's no video, just sound, but I wanted to post it because it's the just about sweetest thing I've ever heard.



Deanne said...

You're right, that is about the cutest thing EVER! And I don't think you're lazy--working where we do does not involve sitting on our asses most of the time, contrary to popular opinion. But yes, I agree, it would be nice to do nothing but watch trashy tv all day!

Ishikawa18 said...

I'll be happy to see you at Body Pump again when you're feeling better.... Maybe Saturday??? I'm not sure if I'm going yet.

Ishikawa18 said...

By the way, this is Jennifer

5k Karrie said...

Damn! No dinner for me! But good job on the working out. Money is always a great motivator for me, that's why I always promise you $10 if I eat the crap food in the break room! And I never do, so it must work.