Sunday, February 24, 2008


I've always thought of myself as a fairly lazy person. I don't particularly care for physical activity, especially if it involves sweating. When I'm at work, I fantasize about finding a way to be able to afford to do nothing all day. I dream of sitting at home and watching trashy daytime television and knitting all day long. It would be glorious, I think to myself.

But the reality of this past week has made me reevaluate that last thought. I am sick and tired of being confined to the couch and bed. I am bored with television, and even knitting has failed to soothe me like it usually does. I actually miss working out, getting some sort of exercise, something I never thought I'd say. After my unpleasant experience of overdoing it on the physical activity yesterday, I realized that I have to take it slow and ease back into my exercise routine. But I'm hoping this restlessness means that I have finally made exercising a habit, something that I just do every day, like brushing my teeth.

Now that I've finally firmly established exercise in my routine, I don't want to fall out of habit. So I'm going to start easing back into exercising tomorrow. I think I should be able to handle ten to fifteen minutes on the elliptical machine if I go at a moderately slow pace. I'll let you know how it goes.


These feet belong to my darling niece, baby L, who is almost two months old already. How time flies! I love pictures of baby feet, especially in black and white, so I took a bunch last week when I was visiting them. She was happy but squirmy and wouldn't stay still for the feet pictures.

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deanne said...

This is a great picture!