Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pump it UP!

I went to BodyPump again last tonight with Karrie, Jennifer, and Brandy. I find myself actually looking forward to those classes, even though they're really challenging. But I always feel really good about myself when I'm done; I know I'm doing something positive. Even though I've only been going for about eight weeks, I can tell a difference. I've increased the weights for several of the exercises and I can see and feel some muscle tone in my arms. I think over the next few classes I'm going to try to increase the weights for the other tracks as well.


5k Karrie said...

Are you working out at home right now???

Ishikawa18 said...

I like going to Body Pump because the next day I can tell I really did something, whereas sometimes when I go to the gym I must not work very hard because I can't really tell later. Anyway, that's why I like Body Pump.