Friday, April 4, 2008

The Fog Has Lifted

I've been so bad. Since I last posted, I haven't done any exercising, and I've totally ignored my diet. No, not just ignored, flat out laughed in the face of my diet. I've been in kind of a funk for the past few days. Actually it's been for about the past month, and now it's clearing, and I feel like I'm waking up from a very strange dream and I don't quite know where I am and what's going on. This past month was so busy at work and I had several things going on at home, that I was literally running on stress. My desk at work was buried under about two feet of paper. On Wednesday afternoon, having finished everything else that needed to be done, I took my off-desk hour to clean up my desk. It was like an archaeological expedition; layer by layer I dug down through weeks of rolls of bulletin board paper and paraphernalia, overhead transparencies, random die-cut letters, old meeting agendas, books, catalogs and so on, until I hit the solid surface of my desktop. (I want to mention that some of that stuff wasn't mine, as I share a desk with a co-worker, and as my desk is right next to the staff copier, it tends to catch a lot of crap that doesn't belong there--like those stupid faxes advertising cruises and beauty treatments, which I'm sure people put on my desk "temporarily," fully intending to take care of them in a moment, although why they don't just drop them in the blue recycle bin right beside my desk, between my desk and the copier actually, I'll never understand.) Each item that I put away, or threw away, was like one more little stress point that I released, so that when I was done, I was just exhausted, because all the tension that has been sometimes literally holding me up, was just gone. It is a glorious feeling.

Anyway. I've sort of been indulging that feeling lately, not doing anything that requires much energy or even much thought. I've been catching up on my reading and my knitting, returning phone calls to my long-distance friends, watching the Netflix movie that I've had for almost a month.

Tomorrow I will start over on my diet and exercise plan. Tomorrow morning I will get up and go to BodyPump. Tomorrow I will get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Tomorrow is also my first weigh-in, so we'll see how much the past couple days has impacted my plan and if I need to make some modifications. I'll keep you posted!


Back in February I bought a couple small seed kits from the dollar section at Target and I have been growing them in a little window garden in my kitchen. They sprouted several weeks ago, but have recently really started to grow. I have four little strawberry plants, and four little mini-rose plants. After I transplant them outside when it's a little warmer, I think I'm going to start a little window herb garden there.

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deanne said...

I bought those dollar seed things and couldn't get diddly squat to grow. Yet another reason you're my hero! I'm glad you're feeling better these days.