Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peeped Out

Today my place of employment had their (hopefully last) all-staff training inservice day. In an effort to boost staff morale with a little healthy competition, the Staff Association sponsored a contest: Pimp My Peep. I wasn't going to enter, but my roommate convinced me the night before that it would be fun, so we were up until almost one in the morning working on our respective entries. Here's mine:

"Peeps at the Beach"

The whole staff voted on the entries, and I won the prize for Most Creative Entry! I won a Peeps bubble blower, some sidewalk chalk in the shape of smiling veggies (no, not those smiling Veggies), and a POGO discount card. Not too shabby!

Now I know why I keep all that arts and crafty stuff that I don't really have any use for. I guess you never know when it might come in handy. And everything is better when you add glitter.

There was actually a national Peeps contest held this year by the Washington Post. Check out those entries here. It's wild!


5k Karrie said...

Again... congrats!!! You and Linda dominated that competition. From now on Anderson Rules All!

deanne said...

I couldn't wait to get to work today so I could fill out my evaluation from yesterday!